B e s t  f o r  y o u


Abandoning complication, but enjoying simplicity.

The nature of design starts from heart,

Which is not only staging or decorating, but also lifestyle;

Not only the original creativity, but also the design attitude.

Let inspiration surprise you every day.

TOPGIFT home staging is capable of maximizing your house value,

Improving your appreciation level,

And creating your exclusively high quality of life.



TOPGIFT ---Your Specialists in

Home Staging, Interior Design

Custom-made Furnishing



Enhancing quality of life starts from your own home;
Increasing house value needs more professional interior design;
Perfecting your lifestyle requires higher
quality furnishing and accessories.
We engage in your home staging with heart.
We pay attention to every details of your house.
What we do is to make buyer falling in love with your home.
Our aim is to help you achieving maximum returns
on real estate investment and splendoring yourself through
the lifestyle investment.